Regular Pen Style Electronic Cigarette-Starter Kit

Smokeless Delite Regular Pen Style Electronic Cigarette-Starter Kit

The Smokeless Delite Regular Pen Style Cigarettes kit is the perfect starter set for those that prefer the pen style over the mini. Set comes with everything you need including a free pack of cartridges to get started right away. As with all electronic cigarettes, this mini style e cig, is free of harmful tar, carbon monoxide and cancer causing agents. Click Here if you prefer the mini style. This E Cig makes for a great Nicotine replacement therapy because it treats both the mental and physical aspects of nicotine/cigarette addiction.

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Kit contents include:

-1 (FREE) pack of electronic cigarette sample cartridges
-1 Complete Smokeless Delite Regular Pen Style electronic cigarette
-Unit ( 1 Battery & 1 Atomizer)
-1 (FREE) Smokeless Delite electronic cigarette Battery
-1 Smokeless Delite electronic cigarette Charger
-1 Smokeless Delite electronic cigarette Power Line
-1 Smokeless Delite electronic cigarette Instruction Manual

What is the Difference Between ECig products?

There is no real difference. They are all for the most part, manufactured by the same maker. However, be careful when comparing with cheaper ECigs because those are most likely "Drop Shipped", this means that they are shipped from China and can take up to 1 Month. Unlike other drop shippers, this product ships same day so you don't have to wait at least 3 weeks to get it.

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