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magnet e cig Just as I started to think that electronic cigarettes reached a point where there could possibly be no more new innovations, the Amanoo Magnet Electronic Cigarette hits the market! What exactly makes this electronic cigarette different you ask? Well, the biggest thing that stands out is its design and shape.

The Amanoo E cig is a revolutionary design and gives the traditional electronic cigarette a run for its money. The concept combining both the battery and tank in the same space is what makes the Amanoo electronic cigarette the new kid on the block.

amanoo magnet e cig

At first glance, the device looks like a toy instead of an electronic cigarette. It features a see through chamber where the e juice is held and the overall shape is cylindrical with oval tips. There are no buttons to press since the magnet e cig is automatic and reacts to inhales. As if that wasn't cool enough, there is a light that shines as you inhale.

In a nutshell, the electronic cigarette has been redesigned in a smart and logical concept and it is sure to make waves especially for the holidays. This is sure going to be an elegant gift for anyone and for years to come.

The Amanoo Electronic Cigarette is being mainly marketed by a U.S. company called There are two versions of the Amanoo Magnet E cig, the regular version and the mini version. The mini is just a smaller size but everything else about it is identical to the regular version.

Additional Details:

  • The Amanoo Electronic cigarette features a magnetic battery holder. You simply pull the battery chamber out and place it near the USB charger to charge. There is no need to screw or unscrew the battery to charge.
  • The coil can be changed and easily replaced if needed.
  • It features a top cover for better sanitation
  • Fancy light during puffing
  • Holds 3.6 ml of e juice, Mini= 1.8 ml
  • Battery Capacity: 650 mAh, Mini = 190 mAh
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    The Eko Silver Kit is the standard PCC with two batteries and cartridges, while the Eko Mammoth and the Eko Colossal options are two variable voltage tanks with high powered batteries and interchangeable cartomizers and clearomizers.

    Each kit is going to be offered at a very affordable price and shipping fees are going to be waived however, Eko has not announced the price yet. We do suspect the PCC kit will cost around $49.99 and the Eko Mammoth around $50.00 while the Eko Colossal is going to run about $125.00 however these prices are still far less than what you would pay anywhere else.

    Since Eko started, the philosophy was simple: "Charge less for high quality products" and that still holds true today during the 2013 comeback.

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    Menthol cigarettes have been around for over 70 years, in fact, Spud brand cigarettes, patented in 1924, were the first to add menthol to tobacco. The ads wanted people to smoke as much as they wanted to since the cooling effect of menthol would make it easy and smooth. Later Kool cigarettes showed up on the scene in 1933 and they used a penguin named willy until about 1960 or so. Most cigarette menthol ads wanted to push the "healthy" side of smoking with the menthol option but it was later abandoned as a healthy alternative in the 1950s

    For smokers of menthol cigarettes concerned with making the switch the best smoking alternative, there is a great menthol alternative in the electronic cigarette. Eko Cigs offers a great menthol juice that is both perfect for making the switch from menthol cigarettes to electronic cigarettes and tastes great.

    Menthol cigarettes have endured the test of time with Kool, Salem, Parliament, Malboro, and of course Newport. Since tobacco smoking not only is not "healthy" and can be a health hazard, the electronic cigarette has quickly become the smoking alternative of choice for thousands around the world.
    Eko Electronic Cigarettes offers an affordable, compact, and convenient alternative to smoking menthol cigarettes.

    Electric cigarette

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    You don't need us to tell you how bad smoking is, that's why your here right? Well, if you have tried the patches, gums, lozenges, or one of the other numerous nicotine deliver products and failed, here is a new alternative! It is called the Electric Cigarette. This site is not appropriate for minors under the age of 18 So what's so different about this product? Well, it's simple, unlike the other nicotine delivery products, the electric cigarette closely simulates the act of smoking. Why is this important? Simple, because smoking addiction is so much more than just addiction to nicotine. One of the biggest barriers to quitting is the PSYCHOLOGICAL addiction to cigarettes. That is, all of your normal day to day routines your mind has associated to smoking over the years. For example: Smoking After Meals Smoking with your coffee Smoking at the same time during your break Smoking with your alcoholic beverages ....and the list goes on That's why the electronic cigarette can really help those who have unsuccessfully tried with all the numerous other nicotine replacement products but failed or just want to be able to smoke where second hand smoke is not permitted. The E-Cigarette, not only serves as a nicotine delivery system, it also offers the "comfort" of smoking to help you with the psychological aspects of smoking and more importantly, you can smoke practically anywhere! Eko cigs starter kit! The Electric Cigarette typically comes in 2 Styles. The Pen Style and the Mini which more close resembles the size of an actual cigarette. Click for More info on the Mini Style.


    Get an E Cigarette! NOTE: In the United States, use of the electronic cigarette is legal, but it is not approved as a smoking cessation product. Since the electronic cigarette does not contain any tobacco, it is not subject to tobacco-related regulations[1] such as the Clean Indoor Air Act.[10] -

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